How FIX protocol can boost the efficiency in your Trading?

Decades ago, there was a period where the Internet hadn’t existed. Those were the times in which the bidder and the seller met and negotiated the bidding in a physical location (probably a stock exchange). Something similar to the Pit Trading scene in the movie ‘Wolf of a Wall Street’. This pit trading procedure was exhausting and created a lot of chaos.

Leveraging FIX Protocol to Automate the manual IPO Processes

The current trending initiative from FIX Trading Community is the new process to automate initial public offerings as the UK regulator reviews technological innovation in primary market services.
The digitizing of IPO Processes like submitting applications and receiving allocations are currently in manual process, which increases risk. These manual applications are huge in trade size so there is a vast chances of risk if they are miscommunicated. 

Addressing FIX Protocol Testing Challenges for one of the leading commodity exchange!

One of a leading multi-commodity exchange in India, provides a platform for market participants to trade in commodity derivatives. The exchange started feeling the heat due to the complexity of testing multiple trading environment for each trade and it was in need to transform this challenge into an opportunity.
Business Challenges