About Client

Top tier OTC Exchange wants to develop a FIX Order Processing Gateway, that should process various type of orders from multiple FIX Clients and send responses for various order transactions using FIX protocol.

Technology Used

Core Java, Multi-Threading, PhiFIX-Engine, Kafka, Google Protocol Buffers, FIX Protocol, FIX Order Management APIs, Advanced Data Structures and Algorithms

Business Challenges
  • Client wants to develop generic FIX Order Processing Gateway to receive orders and process them, route it to the execution management system for order matching
  • The solution should be a high volume Order processing gateway and service 100+ clients and each client will submit more than 100 orders per second
  • Solution should be scalable to handle more than 100+ clients at a time
  • Should process high volume transactions from FIX clients for different market sessions
  • Order entry validations, client risk validations during the order processing
Solution Provided
  • Developed FIX Order processing gateway using PhiFIX-Engine
  • This gateway will process orders from various FIX clients connected through FIX Gateway and responds FIX execution messages using PhiFIX-Engine
  • Provide transaction recovery and exceptions management features to the clients connected
  • High volume transaction processing from multiple clients
  • PhiFIX is the high performance FIX engine, with high level of customization using dialects, was used in FIX Order processing gateway for the Exchange
  • This gateway is being used by more that 100+ clients to perform transaction processing with OTC exchange using FIX channel
Business Benefits
  • High performance, rigid and scalable FIX Order Processing Gateway
  • Cost effective proven FIX engine for the solution using PhiFIX-Engine
  • Client onboarding made easy using PhiFIX engine, standardization of FIX messages
  • Highly customizable FIX messaging solutions with custom tags
  • Faster client onboarding, Real-time monitoring and control