About Client

Top tier Equity exchange was using Market Data Gateway to distribute high volume market data to their subscribed client though FIX channel.

Technology Used

PhiFIX-Test Suite, FIX Protocol, FIX Market data APIs

Business Challenges
  • Equity Exchange was using the FIX Market Data Gateway to distribute high volume market data for various subscribed trading institutions and price feed providers.
  • It was distributing more than 100+ market data per second to each FIX clients according to the Client subscriptions
  • Each Client subscribed market data for 1000s of instruments and process the market data according to the subscription using the FIX channel
  • PhiFIX-Test Suite was used to perform performance testing of the entire application, by analyzing each FIX messages throughput
Solution Provided
  • PhiFIX-Test suite was used by the performance tester to conduct performance testing for the FIX market data gateway used in the Exchange
  • FIX Order management APIs, FIX Reference Data APIs was configured with all the scenarios in PhiFIX-Test suite for performance testing
  • These scenarios were executed for different performance testing types like load testing, stress testing and endurance testing for all Market Data Gateway releases
  • Performance test scenarios were executed for multiple FIX client connections using PhiFIX-Test Suite
  • End to end automation of the FIX scenarios performance testing, and detailed reports with analytics for performance testing results, helped development team to optimize the Market data gateway
Business Benefits
  • Reduced manual error in the FIX performance testing using PhiFIX-test suite
  • Lot of time saving due to all scenarios automation for various FIX performance testing
  • Faster release cycles to production, optimized component performance
  • Detailed report on performance bottlenecks and helped team to fine-tune the Market data gateway according the business scale
  • Multi-FIX client scenarios simulation for various FIX scenarios during the performance testing
  • Real time performance scenario simulation to evaluate the component stability